Circuit Center & Ballroom

Circuit Center & Ballroom

From the website of the Circuit Center & Ballroom:

“Planning a wedding that is beautiful and reflects your individual style is easy when you select The Fluted Mushroom. With us you’re choosing a premier catering and events company with more than 40 years of experience and an unmatched reputation for excellence in the greater Pittsburgh area. Wherever your venue – whether it’s buff or sit down – The Fluted Mushroom becomes your trusted partner during the most memorable day of your life.”

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Max Capacity Range: Up to 400.

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Samples From The Circuit Center & Ballroom:

View more samples from the Circuit Center & Ballroom by FineLine Weddings

The following video was produced by Pittsburgh Wedding Videographer, FineLine Weddings in 2016 and showcases Circuit Center Ballroom as the reception venue for the wedding.

The following are a few sample photos from a wedding reception at the Circuit Center and Ballroom by Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, FineLine Weddings.
Circuit -Center-Ballroom1 Circuit-Center-Ballroom3 Circuit -Center-Ballroom4 Circuit-Center-Ballroom2

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